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Hiew Yee Leong

Getting Started with AutoCAD Architecture 2009 e-Learning is not completed in part 3 execise section.

Hiew Yee Leong

Dear Jamie Morin.

Recently I reported That, having some problems at http://pointa.autodesk.com/local/enu/portal/vip/members/resource/lc/elearning.jsp?cf=AutoCAD%20Architecture%20(Autodesk%20Architectural%20Desktop)
1. AutoCAD Architecture 2009 (English) --->Benefits of Using Projects ---->Using Constructs and Elements ----->Exercise: Use Constructs and Elements---->Click Try It with Application.
2. AutoCAD Architecture 2009 (English) --->Benefits of Using Projects ---->Creating View Drawings ....same
3. AutoCAD Architecture 2009 (English) --->Benefits of Using Projects ---->Creating and Managing Plotting Sheets ...same
4. AutoCAD Architecture 2009 (English) --->Benefits of Using Projects ---->Creating a Project from Existing AutoCAD Drawings....same
5. AutoCAD Architecture 2009 (English) --->Benefits of Using Projects ---->Sharing Project Files .....same

Best Regards,
YL Hiew


Can you help to which software version should I purchase. I am printer. I have clients in my city who brings AUTOCAD 2008/2007/2006/2005 DWG files for printing. They are sometimes black and white and some are in Color.
I need a software which opens these files and able to print it with preview. How I used in Autocad 2007 trial package. I dont know how to draw the drawings. Only require for printing. I Tried other software like AXCAD which are cheaper. But getting very good results in AutoCad 2007. I Print Civil, Mechanical and interior drawings. Help me.
My budget not more than US$ 300.
Varun Gandhi

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